Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New CSN project - customizing rugs!

Obviously I haven't been sewing much lately; school and health problems have taken over my time. However, I will be done with school in June and will be moving into a beautiful apartment then - and of course I already know what I want to do to decorate. I like cruising the CSN website for ideas - whether creative office desks for my boyfriend, and rugs!

I really like using rugs to make a space interesting, and I've been wanting a zebra rug for my entryway. However, I'm having trouble finding one I like, so I'm thinking about getting a zebra rug fron CSN and using paint or dye to personalize it! And, of course, teaching you all how to do it as well :)

What do you think? Has anyone else ever customized a rug?

Here are some of the ones I'm looking at!

Home Dynamix - zone/7160/black-(Runner 1'10'' x 7'3'') - Zone 7160 Zebra Print Rug

I really don't like all the stuff going on in this rug, so I'd probably try to make the whole border black.

Dalyn Rug Co. - FV6BK - 4-Ever Young Black Printed Kids Rug

Same with this - I like the zebra print itself, but the pink would obviously have to go!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Giveaway from Jerusha Hawkins - French Film Purse!

[Unrelated to this post news: Guess who just had her gallbladder removed? That's right, that means I've lost 2 organs in less than a year. Gaggg....]

Jerusha from Jerusha Design emailed me a while ago wondering if I'd like to giveaway one of her creations, and I jumped at the chance! She makes some super interesting and creative purses out of old film, and will be giving away one featuring an eiffel tower to one of my readers!

(I had to have a black and white picture of this purse - the combination of film and paris just screamed old theatre to me. You can scroll down to see a color picture at the bottom!)

Here is what Jerusha has to say about herself:

Hello! my name is Jerusha Hawkins. I am a full time wife and full time mother of one beautiful 18 month old girl named Nazarie. When i was 16 i got my first job at a movie theater in my town and i fell in LOVE with cinema. Everything about it! It was an amazing first job. Well, when we would have old film they would just THROW IT AWAY!! And i remember thinking what a waste it was because to me it had some real beauty to it. I started taking the film home and for a little while it just sat under my bed. Finally i really decided i wanted to put it to use I started by making a film purse it took forever and and wasn't anything too special. Over the years, im now 23, i have come up with a design that I love and really excited about and i hope you are excited about it too!

Here are some other examples of her awesome work:

And here is another picture of the giveaway prize! You can also see more of her work in her etsy shop.

Also, a quick note: I LOVE hosting giveaways for other new bloggers. If you're interested in me hosting a giveaway to you, send me an email with your ideas!

Now, how to enter:

1) Follow my blog if you don't already
2) Follow Jerusha's blog (use the link at the top)
3) Leave a comment with your name and a way to contact you

Also, for one extra entry, visit Jerusha's etsy shop and leave a comment with your favorite item!


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