Thursday, November 12, 2009

Miniature Candy Pumpkins

These are really cute to put on pretty much anything- last year I put them on a spice cake, and this year on the pumpkin patch cupcakes. The picture above was made using a spice cake and homemade frosting with honey and spices.


-1 tbs softened butter

-2 tbs corn syrup

-1/8 tsp salt

-food coloring

-1 cup powdered sugar


1. Mix together butter, corn syrup, salt and salt.

2. Gradually add powdered sugar until dough is stiff, then knead with your hands

3. Seperate the dough into sections. Dye some of it orange (red and yellow) for the pumpkins. Dye some green for leaves (I add a tiny bit of yellow and red in as well to make it less bright and more natural looking), then some brown (just combine all the colors and keep adding them until it looks right!). You can also leave some dough white, to make white pumpkins!

4. Roll the orange into a ball, then using a knife press lines around the pumpkin (see picture to understand this better!) Mold a stem then press it on the pumpkin, then mold the leaves.



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