Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Beaded Pin Epaulet Tutorial - Guest Post!

I LOVE this awesome tutorial made especially for us by Sew Petite Gal. This adorable tutorial is just a peek at the awesomeness that she creates! Check out her blog for some stylish tutorials!

I just want to first say how honored and thrilled I am to be guest-posting on Ruffles and Roses! This tutorial will show you how to create your own beaded pin for use as an epaulet or pin for cardigans, tees, blazers, headbands, etc.

First, here’s a look at my inspiration: ROCKSTAR Sushi Striped Embellished Epaulet Tee, Neiman Marcus, $121:

I love this shirt! It combines my favorite elements of nautical stripes, beading and shoulder/sleeve detail. I had a similar striped tee from Old Navy already and so I set off to make my epaulets since I really didn’t want to spend the money to buy the tee if I could make a similar version. I didn’t want to worry about the beads falling off in the washer so I decided to make it a pin instead of sewing it directly to the tee.



Sheer Fabric

Invisible Nylon Thread and needle



Misc. beads – I used pearls, tubes, crystal-esque and silver beads

First, you’ll want to create some kind of template on scrap paper. I made kind of bulbous Saturn-esque shape that is approximately 5” wide by 3.5”. Using this template, cut this shape out from your sheer material. I used the solid border of the above fabric. Using your fingers, gently fray the edges.

Then you’ll want to cut out a smaller shape in felt. I decided to go with a leaf type shape since that was how I envisioned the bead distribution.

Center and place the felt piece behind your sheer fabric. Start sewing your beads on. (You can technically also glue your beads down but I was afraid that it would make it too stiff to lay flush against my shoulder.) I alternated different sizes and bead types. This is the tedious part but it’s worth it at the end! J

Once you’ve achieved the look / distribution of beads you’re going for, go ahead and secure the pin backing to the felt with a few stitches.

Voila! You’re finished. This pin is ready for your t-shirt/cardigan/blazer/headband/etc!

Here’s how I wear mine:


  1. I have a shirt nearly likes yours. Will make the same brooch to pimp it. Thanks for sharing

  2. thank you for info, I will try...:)

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