Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New CSN project - customizing rugs!

Obviously I haven't been sewing much lately; school and health problems have taken over my time. However, I will be done with school in June and will be moving into a beautiful apartment then - and of course I already know what I want to do to decorate. I like cruising the CSN website for ideas - whether creative office desks for my boyfriend, and rugs!

I really like using rugs to make a space interesting, and I've been wanting a zebra rug for my entryway. However, I'm having trouble finding one I like, so I'm thinking about getting a zebra rug fron CSN and using paint or dye to personalize it! And, of course, teaching you all how to do it as well :)

What do you think? Has anyone else ever customized a rug?

Here are some of the ones I'm looking at!

Home Dynamix - zone/7160/black-(Runner 1'10'' x 7'3'') - Zone 7160 Zebra Print Rug

I really don't like all the stuff going on in this rug, so I'd probably try to make the whole border black.

Dalyn Rug Co. - FV6BK - 4-Ever Young Black Printed Kids Rug

Same with this - I like the zebra print itself, but the pink would obviously have to go!

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  1. I love your blog!

    I am a teenage sewing maniac. I love to sew.

    I just went to my fabric store, and got a ton of fabric on sale, and I'm wondering what to do with it.

    Any ideas?




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