Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ruffle Pillow Tutorial

These are really easy to make, and really cute!

What you'll need:
-2 pieces of cotton in the desired color a little bigger than the size you want your pillow to be
-poly fill/stuffing/batting
-strips of jersey or knit (you can use a t shirt for this!), enough to cover the length of the pillow with them slightly overlapping. The length of the strips should be the width of the pillow plus another half.

Step 1: Sew a gathering stitch down each strip, then gather to the width of the pillow.

Step 2: I forgot to take a picture at this step, but it's pretty straightforward. Sew each of the ruffles to the cotton, slightly overlapping. This works best if you start at the bottom, then sew the next one so the bottom of it slightly overlaps and hides the seam of the first ruffle. I left a slight gap on the top because I didn't want the ruffles to go all the way to the top, then stitched a ribbon along the top ruffle.

Step 3: Sew the two cotton pieces together, making sure to catch the ruffles in the pillow at the right place. Then, stuff the pillow and sew up the opening. You're done!


  1. very cute !

    I wonder how you serged the jersey edges?

  2. hmmm, very strange, but nice looking pillow. I'm afraid thet it's not for sleep on it - it's better to for decoration

  3. A very cute pillow and looks very easy to make! I will have to make this soon and send you a pic! Thank you for sharing Amber!
    Happy Friday!

  4. This is additionally a decent post which I truly appreciated perusing. It is not consistently that I have the likelihood to see something like this.



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