Monday, September 7, 2009

Upcycled Dresser using decorative paper - Tutorial!

I got this dresser at a garage sale for 5$. It was completely raw wood, and very dirty! I wanted to find a way to spruce it up without spending a fortune, and managed to do it for FREE, using just the supplies I had on hand. For the paper, I had a piece of scrapbook paper that I loved but didn't know if they sold anymore. So, I scanned it in and printed off copies of it. You can either do that or use scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or anything else you like!
What you need:
- 1 crappy dresser
- interior (latex) house paint
- paper of your choosing- enough to cover your drawers
- mod podge
- brushes: one for paint, one foam one for the mod podge
- optional: contrasting paint for the knobs, new decorative knobs, etc.

Step 1: Prep the dresser. If the dresser already has paint on it or a varnish, you will want to sand it down so the paint will stick. Wipe the dresser down after sanding it.

Step 2: Take the drawers out, and paint the dresser. You’ll want to do several light coats, depending on the color of your paint. If it’s dark, you’ll need less; light you’ll need more.

Step 3: Now’s the fun part. Take the knobs out of the dressers (you might need a power screw driver for this). Cut the paper to size—you can use several sheets to cover one drawer, just try to line the paper up so it matches. Paint a quick layer of mod podge on the wood and press the paper on.

Step 4: Poke holes in the paper where the knobs will screw back in. Paint another layer of mod podge over the paper on the drawers. Next, paint the knobs if necessary, then screw them back in.

Depending on your dresser style, you may need to paint the sides of the drawers where the paper doesn’t cover. Enjoy!


  1. Wow! it came out so pretty!!
    Suddenly I feel like I NEED to refinish my dresser.... soon... ;)


  2. It is gorgeous! And hello.. I would not have thought of making copies!!! Awesome. I have been looking for a scrapbook paper or something similar to it for a while, and now I can just copy the scraps I have. Smart.

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  4. Cool thanks for the advice I’ll check it out!



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