Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ruffle Cardigan Tutorial

Have an old boring sweater sitting around that could use some sprucing up? Check this out for a super quick and easy update that will make your cardigan look super sweet and feminine!


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  3. I'm so sorry you don't seem to blog anymore!
    I had been following your blog for a few months -all happy and inspired as I was, BAM the last post was made, none to follow...
    I truly miss your posts, creative refashions and tutorials. Hope everything is alright...

  4. That cardigan looks great, thanks for sharing.

  5. nice! I love all of your creations!!!

  6. It is so cool and feminin. Love the ruffels. I have made a dress this weekend with lots of ruffels. So fun to do. To see more info please visit

  7. Oh my gosh, she is SO cute :) LOVE that style (and tattoo!!) I love women's camisoles :)

  8. I always gladly use new ideas in order to give my old things a second life and get something new and unusual.

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