Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Tree Tutorials - Felt!

I think felt always gets a bad rap in my mind. It reminds me of tacky kid crafts and tacky do it your self projects and ...well, tacky. However, I found some felt trees that definitely make the non-tacky felt argument!

By the way.. can you tell I love Christmas trees? Don't worry... I have some other Christmas things to post too.

I love these felt glitter trees from Lorajean, but even more I love her whole mantle!! How amazingly beautiful is that? But back to the trees - these look pretty quick, easy, and beautiful. I actually made some trees similar to this but used rose petals instead of felt - I'll be posting a tutorial of that soon!

This is a really awesome and unique idea... I almost made some of these, but honestly I HATE cutting out circles. Which is unfortunate, because there have been a lot of really cool circle-felt tutorials lately.

I really love the pointy texture to this one - I think it might look cute next to some of the more rounded ones for a little variety on a mantle. You could do this in any color too.. I really like the idea of doing a gradient in the color. Never would have thought of that!

And last but not least - the ruffle felt tree! I've seen these in previous yars and always liked them.. they're so cute and fluffy! As a bonus, looking at this tutorial will also teach you how to make a ruffly wreath.

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