Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days of Christmas ~ Three French Hens

Well, I couldn't think of a good 'hen' project that didn't involve chicken in the form of food, which seems... wrong. So, I decided on something that hens produce - eggs! French eggs, to be precise. I also have an extension on this tutorial that I'll be posting tomorrow, so check back then for something to do with your eggs!

What you need:

- 3 plastic easter eggs, wood, or styrofoam eggs
- Print outs of 3 different types of french writing (I just googled french text and french handwriting and found some jpegs to use, or if you want I can post the ones I have - just leave a comment if you want them!)
- Mod podge
- foam brush

For Tomorrow:
- glass container, like a candy dish, that your eggs will fit in
- ribbon
- florist moss

Step 1: Rip up your french text! Tear the print outs into strips that can be decoupaged onto the eggs.

Step 2: Spread some mod podge on the egg where you want your first strip to go. Put the strip of paper down, and put another layer of mod podge on top! Continue this way, slightly overlapping the different pieces of paper to get a layered look.

Step 3: Do this with each egg until you're finished! Be careful of spreading the mod podge too much; depending on your printer you might have some ink bleeding if you mess with it too much.

And there you have it - three French eggs.

You could put them in a bowl, in a clear container, anywhere you need an extra filler decoration! Any other ideas on what to do with these?



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