Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fabric covered pillow topped box with flower - TUTORIAL!

I love these fabric covered boxes- they are perfect for storing craft materials! The best thing is that they cost very, very little to make, especially if you have some fabric stored up :). Here's what you need:

A shoebox
Fabric-preferably cotton, two pieces each about 10 inches bigger then the box and 2 inches biger then the lid on all four sides. The same or contrasting, whatever you want.
Tacky glue
Pencil or pen
Strip of contrasting fabric
Decorative Button
Batting the size of the box lid
Needle and thread

First, glue the square of batting to the top of the lid. It doesn't have to be all that secure; the fabric will hold it down.

Next, place the box in the center of the larger piece of fabric. Place the ruler flush each edge of the box and draw a line from the box to the end of the fabric. Do this on each corner- there should be 8 lines drawn at the end.

Then, cut along those lines. Your fabric should now look like this:

Now, apply tacky glue with a brush on a side of the box and up over into the inside. Smooth the fabric over, making sure the sides are well glued down. Repeat this on all sides of the box.

You can then line the inside of your box with paper, more fabric, ribbon, or whatever you want! It's a good chance to get creative :) for this box, I didn't have the time or supplies to line it so I left it as is.

Next, place the lid on top of the smaller piece of fabric and repeat what you did for the box. You should wind up with a pillow affect on the lid.

To make the flower, take the strip of coordinating fabric and make a running stitch done one long side (you can do this by hand or with a machine, whichever you prefer). Then gather the stitch by pulling on the bobbin thread, until the strip starts to spiral into a circle. Stitch the layers together to form a flower. Now, place the flower centered on top of the box and stitch it to the box, through the cardboard. This should only take a couple stitches. Finally, sew the button on and you're done!
Let me know what you think of this tutorial; I know it wasn't incredibly thorough due to the late hour, so if you have any questions let me know!


  1. Love this. Ironically, I just asked my husband to refrain from throwing away two shoe boxes. Now I can have some fun with them!

  2. the box is so beautiful, it's the gift!

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