Thursday, August 6, 2009

Future projects..

I am moving into a new place at the end of next month, so I have several 'home' projects going on. I will also post tutorials on any/ all of these if anyone's interested once I've finished. I'm working on most of these concurrently, and should hopefully have some final results soon!1) Revamping an unfinished wood dresser: I bought a 5$ dresser at a garage sale few days ago. It doesn't have any sort of stain or finish on it, so it is just raw wood- perfect for painting! I'll also be adding some decorative touches to the drawers. Check back soon to see how this is progressing!

2) Transforming an ugly vintage suitcase into fabric storage: A dirty mustard yellow hard shell suitcase from goodwill is about to become my newest fabric storage place. The inside is lined with a lovely yellow silk that looks (and smells, very important!) new, so it's primarily the outside that needs the work. I've just finished spraypainting, and hope to finish this up this weekend.

3) Organizing and rolling my fabric: It just really needs to be done. Cathe from Just Something I Made ( an awesome tutorial on rolling and labeling remnants that got me really inspired!I have several other projects that are bouncing around in my brain- a painted and reupholstered chair, a headboard made out of a door, etc. -but don't quite have the materials for them yet. Someone needs to hit a salvage yard...

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