Monday, August 17, 2009

Flower Belt

This belt is a really cute addition to any shirt or dress, and it takes very little fabric. I’d get ¼ of a yard to be safe, but you really only need a little over 1/8 of a yard. In this tutorial, the belt is about an inch wide and there are 7 flowers (also called yoyos), but you can vary this however you like. Sorry, I didn’t do a very good job of taking pictures as I went on this one!
Things you need:
- 1/8 – 1/4 yard of fabric (at least 44” will work best)
- 7 buttons (or one for every flower you want to make).
- Needle and thread, sewing machine.

Step 1: Cut out the main belt piece, but cutting a strip two inches wide all the way down the length of the fabric, so you have a piece about 2 inches by 44. Fold over, right side in, and sew. Turn right side out, and iron. Turn edges in and press, then sew to finish them.

Step 2: Make the flowers. I made two sizes. For the smaller size, cut a 1.5 by 6 inch strip of fabric. For the larger size, cut a 3 by 9 inch strip. Fold it over right side in and sew, then turn right side out and finish the edges off like the belt.

Step 3: By hand, stitch a line down the seam, through only one piece of fabric (so, not through both of the pieces. It will gather better this way). Then, pull to gather the fabric into a flower and stitch the edges together. Here’s picture of the belt, with some finished flowers and some in progress flowers.
Step 4: Sew the flowers on the belt. I staggered them up and down on the belt, but you can place them however you want. Then, sew the buttons on in the center of each of the flowers. I made a mistake and only bought 6 buttons, so I’m missing one. Enjoy your new belt!
I made this belt to go with the shirt, which I also made. It has really neat straps in the back, and pleats where the shirt and the straps meet. I'm thinking about drafting a pattern for it; would anyone be interested in one?


  1. hello love your work take care xox Shayj

  2. Please, please make a pattern/tutorial for this top. It is beautiful and unique! Thank you.

  3. Love the top! Would be thrilled if you did a tutorial for it!

  4. I'm looking for the tutorial for the top. I realize this is an older posting, but I just found your site and am making EVERYTHING! It is all so timeless and beautiful. If you do ever post this tutorial, pleeeeeeeeeease let me know.

  5. adore it!! so lovely lookig. like this one, wnat this one

  6. what a splendid idea for my darling wife

  7. Hi Amber, I love the interesting fabric details on the side to match the straps and belt. Did you ever create a pattern or tutorial? Curious about a closeup on how the two fabrics meet in front at the straps. I do a lot of deconstructing and re=creating, too. No tutorials of my own, yet!

  8. love this project and I would love it too if you made a tut for the shirt xx

  9. Did you ever make a tutorial for this shirt? I would love it too!!

  10. PLEASE PLEASE make a tutorial for the shirt. I LOVE it. How can we know if and when you make the tutorial for this shirt? My email is:

  11. Love this top! Please post a pattern for it.

  12. I discovered your website a few months ago and have been checking back frequently in hopes that you had posted a tutorial for this top. Will you please share on with us?



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